Racing Gloves


In addition to your bespoke racing suit we can produce a matching set of gloves complete with your personalised logos in the colours of your suit.

DANNISPORT gloves have an excellent performance history and have won numerous of awards for their fit, feel and performance both during racing and in a crash.

Gloves can be made from kangaroo leather (added cost+£50) or premium aniline cowhide 0.7mm-0.9mm, made with a finger bridge between the little finger and ring finger for strength in a crash.

Gloves are Kevlar thread stitched, with double leather layers in impact areas around the side of the hand and palm protector panels, main knuckles and finger knuckles joints are protected by TPU plastic moulded panels with impact foam beneath to absorb the stress of an impact.

Download design and measurement sheet here



Wrist fastening is by a double Velcro cuff strap and a secondary wrist strap.

Custom logos may be added.

Sizing is easily checked by using our downloadable size chart.

Download design and measurement sheet here