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Professional Motorcycle racing leathers and gloves made for you in premium cowhide or kangaroo skin

Bespoke fitting & designs in any colour combination




Producing premium racing apparel since 1996

Winners of industry awards, MCN best buy & recommended for gloves Over the years we have won various Motorcycle press awards from “Best Buy” for gloves MCN 1999, good buy MCN 3 times, RIDE magazine recommended for 1pc suits in 2002 against a made to measure brand and above all the major well known names for seam strength, abrasion etc.

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We can help you design your own racing suit which can be any colour combination with any amount of logos, let your design reflect and promote you your sponsors and team.

All DANNISPORT race suits are built to exactly the same standards and in the same way as any of our supported riders from BSB circuits to the TT and roads of the Isle of man.

The suits are constructed using the latest materials and manufacturing processes and patterns, all seams and the leather itself is produced and tested to the latest CE standards.

There are many areas in a suit which have double layers of leather which are triple and quad stitched internally and also externally.



In addition to your bespoke racing suit we can produce a matching set of gloves complete with your personalised logos in the colours of your suit.

DANNISPORT gloves have an excellent performance history and have won numerous of awards for their fit, feel and performance both during racing and in a crash.

Gloves can be made from kangaroo leather (added cost+£50) or premium aniline cowhide 0.7mm-0.9mm, made with a finger bridge between the little finger and ring finger for strength in a crash.

Gloves are Kevlar thread stitched, with double leather layers in impact areas around the side of the hand and palm protector panels, main knuckles and finger knuckles joints are protected by TPU plastic moulded panels with impact foam beneath to absorb the stress of an impact.


I started the business in 1996 after racing myself from 1982 to 1987 on bikes such as TZ Yamahas to Suzuki RG 500,s doing British nationals and the Manx GP, unfortunately i spent more time tasting tarmac than the podium steps, hence the testing of leathers!! I visited a M/C trade show in Cologne Germany back in 1995 and met some factories that were producing racing leathers and road leathers and gloves I thought i could do something to improve what was available at the time. We started with a small range of road leathers and then moved into racing suits.

At first as we didn’t have any experience of racing suits so did what nearly all the brands do, which is get an established name to “own brand” their suits with the new brand, some continue to do this others like ourselves make our own!!!.

We used a well known made to measure guy in Hull called Pete Wheldon (not sure if hes still around)of Speedsport  leathers to “own brand” a couple of promotion and sponsored rider suits for us, for Pete Jennings who rode for Tony Scott racing. We learnt all about the stitching, patterns, leather quality etc from him to enable us to pass on the knowledge to our overseas factory.

In the first year of making our own suits we produced 2 designs and started to give away a few suits to up and coming riders, Glen Richards, Alan Moreton, Andi Notman, these riders soon came back with the suits after crashes to get them checked and they had held up exceptionally well as i had requested more layers of double leather and extensive triple and quad stitching.

From 1998 until 2004 we sponsored many up and coming top riders, Cal Crutchlow, Tom Sykes, Matt llwellyn, Karl Harris, Ben Wilson, Jason Davis to name just a few, in 2001 we produced the first off the peg CE approved race suit. At the time it was the first in the UK, it was pretty much indestructible in a crash but unfortunately due to the CE regs at the time it was quite restrictive, some people got on with it some didn’t.

We then reverted to making race suits with the benefit of having many riders giving us feedback on crash tested suits and i can honestly say as far as i know not one of our suits has ever given way at a seam or burst open in fact most of the time a suit we produce gets crashed a number of times before needing a return for repair.

In 2004 we had a major customer go bust on us and i had to call in the receivers. In 2006 i decided to bring the brand back but without dealers and just concentrate on racing gear suits and gloves only, this was in a small way to keep involved in the sport i love. From 2012 We helped riders at the TT and at British Superbike with riders like Ben Wilson, Joe Irving, Ben Wylie among others.

We again made a number of off the peg suit designs which we sold direct to a number of riders, we have started to be a little more active in the last couple of years sponsoring young Josh Bannister in the Team WD40 junior team along with a number of riders in the cool Fab racing mini bike series.

All our suits are made from premium full grain cowhide 1.2 to 1.3mm in impact areas, which is the best and most abrasive resistant part of the cowhide, we also use Kangaroo in the palm parts of gloves as its soft , thin but very tear resistant 0.7mm. Unfortunately There are a lot of suits out there especially on Ebay, replica suits & kids mini bike specials that are made from very soft but very weak buffalo and goatskin, these may look good but are stitched with weak thread and the stitching method used is cosmetic, in any sort of impact crash these are likely to burst and at best wear through quickly. These suits use these hides as they are comfortable from brand new, a cowhide suit will not be immediately comfortable and should be bought slightly tight to allow for the seams and hide to give by as much as 10%

All our suits are triple stitched to CE standard and in some areas have 4 seams with bonded Kevlar and bonded nylon thread no 40, the major impact areas get the extensive stitching as do the not so vulnerable areas.

All leather is passed for the chemical treatments using non harmful non carcinogenic PCPs in the tanning process.

Double leather layers are used in likely impact areas especially around the hips and backside where we use a inner wrap system. Double layers also at the knees, shoulders and elbows in addition to hard TPU or non spark Alloy protectors.

Leather comes from a variety of countries depending on the application, the better quality of leather comes from Brazil and Argentina but there is also good leather from Russia and Afghanistan, a lot of the time the leather comes in a “wet blue” state to be tanned locally to the factory and finished to our spec and colour. We can colour leather to almost any pantone colour on request to match with team colours.

Our suits are now made in a chain system rather than 1 man 1 suit, this allows for better skills in each section of the suit and consistency in manufacture.

We use CE approved armour in all areas apart from the back protector as most riders wear a specific spine protector of their choice.

All leather is hand selected and we have a local quality control manager who is on site during the major suit manufacturing process.

We have made a conscious decision now to only produce made to measure race suits in any design and colours due to the massive influx of off the peg suits which flood the market today. Our made to measure start from £495 for kids suits 6-12 yr and for adult suits from £595 depending on spec required, all suits come complete with CE body armour, hard slide compound knee sliders, removable airtex type linings to make it easy to wash.

Over the years we have won various Motorcycle press awards from “Best Buy” for gloves MCN 1999, good buy MCN 3 times, RIDE magazine recommended for 1pc suits in 2002 against a made to measure brand and above all the major well known names for seam strength, abrasion etc.



  • Since 2015 I've been supported by Andy and Dannisport. I have tested the leathers and gloves a number of times at various speeds and have walked (hobbles) away from each crash some of them in excess of 100mph which is testament to the products they produce. Always comfortable and a good fit and look mega. Andy and Dannisport are always my first advice when anyone enquires about needing leathers. Their attention to detail and safety is outstanding ensuring you can be safe to keep er lit with those wires tight.

    Richie Harrison
  • As one of the first racers to wear the Dannisport leathers back in the nineties and early 2000’s, I’m proud to have been involved in the early days on the company. It’s good to see that Dannisport has kept a place in a very competitive market with various companies coming and going. They have always been a great product and played a role in my racing days. It was also fun to be testing experimental products such as carbon fibre knee sliders. Thanks for everything Andy.

    Pete Jennings Very retired racer and now Crew Chief for Tom Sykes in WSB
  • Tested the dannisport leathers and gloves a few times in my career!! Totally recommend them... Great product

    Danny Beaumont BSB superstock 1000
  • Light weight and strong . Pound for pound the best set of leathers you could buy, and are they strong??? Yes Sir, I tested these leathers way more than I wanted too, and my skin is all still where it should be...

    Malcolm Ashley BSB privateer #111
  • I have raced in many different makes of leathers but none of them gave me the confidence that Dannisport do, To the point I still use a 10 year old pair today for racing in the wet. As I'm So tall Andy always listened to my needs and made alterations to make a perfect fit. The piece of mind and comfort are second to none when wearing Dannisport leathers. Thanks Andy great job as usual.

    Alan Moreton #57
  • Thanks Dannisport for the support over the years, the suits worked faultlessly on a 125cc just as well as a 1000cc superstock bike, I never broke a bone whilst wearing your kit. The winter supermoto championshp really put the suit through it's paces, crashing at least once every race weekend and it never got more than scuffed

    Andi Notman former 125cc gp rider
  • I have raced in Dannisport leathers in my career and I can say after crashing at high speed without injury, Dannisport are one of the safest leathers manufacturers in the business

    David “DAVO” Johnson TT and BSB rider
  • It's been a long time since I raced in Anger but I finished my career in Dannisport leathers. Over 20 years of racing I have used most and nothing fitted as well as the Dannisport. I never hurt myself in them either! Always Testament 2 top quality leathers.

    Ray Stringer Top privateer BSB rider of many years and BSB team OMG crew chief
  • I wore Dannisport suits, racing in Junior Superstock and British Superstock 15 years ago, plenty of crash testing done back then and they always stood up to the abuse perfectly! I started wearing them again for racing on the roads at the TT for 2015 season and have stayed with them ever since. Whilst they maybe don’t get the abuse these days the few times I’ve tested them out I’ve not lost a single bit of bark

    BEN WYLIE TT rider and ex british Superstock
  • My son Brody has been wearing Dannisport made to measure leathers from minimoto, through MiniGP and now in Junior SuperSport. Knowing the risks involved in our sport, I want to protect him with the best gear I possibly can. Dannisport leathers are of fantastic quality, fit is superb and are very well designed. Andy is a great bloke and his service is top notch. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

    John Crockford Former British Supersport Champion